Learning platform and App

IEA offers a virtual learning platform Mi Español, designed especially for those who want to split up their learning time between virtual classes and autonomous learning and those who want to complement their on-site learning with virtual exercises.

Mi Español has been conceived as an integral part of our Spanish language learning offer. It is integrated with synchronous classes and an essential teaching element for our instructors. It is not a standalone learning device and only thus only reaches its full potential when used a tool for instructor-student interaction. The platform has a large number of course elements and a communications component. Courses are based on our curriculum and use interactive videos, audios, texts, interactive exercises, etc. 

Users can access the platform through any browser on a PC/MAC or their phone. IEA allows its students to download our very own app (Mi Español) in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, free of charge. Please check the license agreement and privacy policy.