Program Development Grant

Subsidios de desarrollo de programas en IEA Latin America


To support education abroad programming in Latin America, IEA invites applications for theIEA Latin America Program Development Grant. Funding may be awarded for faculty-directed, cohort programs that will be offered in conjunction with IEA at its sites in Argentina and/or Uruguay. Applications will only be considered for credit-bearing education abroad programs that are a minimum of three weeks in duration and designed for 12 students or more. Applications must be supported by a letter from the sponsoring college or university explaining how the program contributes to the international goals of the institution. Preference will be given to faculty and staff members from IEA affiliated colleges and universities for programs that integrate Spanish-language instruction facilitated by IEA and are designed to promote IEA’s goals for diversifying education abroad participation.  For 2020-21, two $10,000 grants may be awarded.  All funds will be awarded via IEA as a credit to the total cost of the program, thus reducing the overall cost for participating students.  More details available at [email protected]